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Hi! I'm Kristaleen. I have a passion for breeding bernedoodles. I have always loved dogs, growing up I had labradors. When members of my family developed dog allergies I had to search for a hypoallergenic breed that I would be able to have around my family and that had a great personality like I was used to. My sister and I started breeding goldendoodles and I loved the breed but I just felt something was missing. I was happy to help her but not ready to venture out on my own with goldendoodles. My search led me to bernedoodles. I loved their beauty, but I wanted to know more about their personalities.  The more I searched, the more I was drawn to the breed. I decided to get my girl Finley, and the rest is history.  She has been such an amazing addition to our family I knew that she was the right choice. 

My whole family is involved in the process. I have 3 wonderful boys who love to play with our dogs and your puppies.  They will come very socialized.  I have invested in puppy culture to also help develop their personalities. The first 8 weeks of your puppy's life in the only time you can really help mold his/her personality.  We are able to guide them to be the most personable with Puppy Culture.

Your puppy will come happy, healthy and well socialized to adapt well to your family. We provide an extensive health guarantee because we perform health tests and take the upmost care of our parents and puppies while in our care. They are precious members of our family. 

We love playing and caring for your future puppy so much, and finding the right home is the most important part for us!

Call me today to discuss reserving your puppy!

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