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I would like to provide a reference of recommendation for Willwowwood Berner Babies, specifically for the litter of Finley’s puppies. I started my search I immediately fell in love with Versace from the moment I laid eyes on her, but was unsure of the process, especially being from Florida and them being so far.  Kristaleen was great, and it was obvious that they took tremendous care of these pups as I got almost daily picture updates on our pup and she came with a vet health record and lots of goodies. 

We flew up to Minneapolis the weekend of 8/3 to take home our little Arki (Versace). The pups were all together in their pen having a ball outside playing with Kristaleen and her son. We arrived and met Arki, and in the process my mother decided to adopt her little Nola (Kate) from the same litter. 

Arki’s temperament is to die for. She loves to play and has already learned to fetch, but when it’s time to relax she is happiest on a comfy blanket or pillow getting belly rubs or sleeping in your lap. We have decided to crate train her, and she has taken to it very well. As a long time dog owner, she cries the least out of any puppy I’ve had in terms of crate training. She may cry for a second or two when initially placed in, but often goes right to bed or to playing with her toys. 

Her potty training process is going very well. We are bell potty training as well, and only two weeks in she is starting to hit the bell when she wants to go out. If she is in her pen or her crate and cries consistently, it’s almost always because she has to go to the bathroom. She at times is so interested in us people that she forgets to eat, so we’ve set a routine in place where she gets her food in her pen before she hangs out with us in the morning, and that has worked very well. 

Nola (Kate) the “runt” of the litter is my mom’s little doll. She snuggles up in bed and keeps my mom company and has been great getting my mom through a difficult time. The sisters just saw each other again over the weekend and had a ball playing together. 

I recommend these pups fully. Both pups went to the vet within a few days of arriving home, all was normal and healthy. 


Jacob B (Arki's Dad)



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We purchased a puppy last year , she has been amazing . Easy to train , super smart and of course adorable . These puppies come from a well educated breeder /family . Around children and socialized before they go to their forever home . She will answer any question you have in  a timely manner . Highly recommend!

Amy A (Milli's Mom)



This is Gretzky. He is our gentle, fluffy, loyal, playful, very smart, lil pup. He has been pure joy since the day he joined our family. We can’t say enough wonderful things about our sweet F1B mini-bernedoodle from Willowwoodbernerbabies. 


When we decided to expand our family, we began shopping for a breeder that would not only provide a furry friend, but also help us find a pet that would blend into our family. We contacted Willowwoodbernerbabies and began a conversation about our family’s lifestyle and hopes. They listened and introduced us to their puppies. After doing a meet and greet, we fell in love with “Ralph”. Instead of encouraging us to commit quickly, it was suggested that we take some time to reflect before adopting, but we knew we had found our puppy! After the adoption, Willowwoodbernerbabies checked in multiple times to see how the acclimation and training was going and offered tips and suggestions-we sure appreciated that! This relationship has continued to this day! 


Gretzky (Ralph) is now over a year old. He is 20 lbs of pure love. He is gentle and very smart. A few of his favorite things are walks, learning new tricks, snuggles and snoozing on a lap. 


We highly recommend Willowwoodbernerbabies and their mini-bernedoodles. We are very grateful for their help in completing our family. 


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