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Guardian Program

We currently have an opening in our guardian program!  Please read a little bit about our program and apply below if interested! We are very excited to meet the right family for this opportunity!

We are exctied to announce starting a guardian program!  We truly want our parent dogs to have the best life possible and we believe that's living in home, never locked up in outside or having to spend a lot of time alone.  We wish we had room to have 100 dogs, but our goal is to find a few people local to the twin cities that would love our pups as much as we do until their time for breeding.

The qualifications: 

•Looking for people people who are committed to loving their pets as much as we do

•Cannot have any intact male dogs, as to avoid any accidental breedings

•Located within an hour driving distance to Inver Grove Heights, MN (this is where our reproductive vet is located)

•Keep your guardian dog up to date with all veterinary care including: current vaccinations, flea and tick management, heart worm guard, dental care including at home care and regular professional veterinary cleanings,  excellent food and vitamin regimen, and and grooming care that dog needs (These will all be at your cost, just like any other pet) 

•Be willing to met at Inver Grove Animal Hospital for genetic and health testing and breeding related vet appointments before your dog's breeding cycle begins, be willing to track heat cycles an bring your dog to the vet for breedings, as well as the necessary appointments during maternity care (This will all be at the cost of Willowwood Berner Babies)

  • Agree to allow us to spay your pet when her time at the breeding program is done (Usually before age 5)

•Be willing to meet with us regularly so your dog is still comfortable with us as she will be with us in our home with us for about 8 weeks during her birth and post natal care until puppies are weaned (you will be welcomed in our home to visit as much as you would like during these times)


Your cost:


•All regular veterinary costs








About our available puppy for guardian home:

Our lovely female Berkely was born in November 2019. She is super sweet and LOVES to have constant attention. Very loving. Still very much a puppy with lots of energy and loves to chew, but does well with redirection.  She is a great pal to have follow you around everywhere!  We are excited for her to become a momma and she would make a great companion in-between her litters for any family. 


Please submit a bio below.  Include information about your family, what your schedule is like (how long your dog would be home alone/unsupervised), if you have children or other pets, what kind of socialization plans you have for this puppy, and anything else you think would be important for us to know. 

Apply for our Guardianship Program

Thanks for applying! We will be in touch with you soon.

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